Sex & Alphas vs Betas

Read until the end to discover my personal sex stories, maybe!


Okay, now you’re paying attention. Duh.

Talking about sex is fun. But it’s risky.

Discussing people’s personalities without doing proper psych research can be fraught with difficulties; if not due to the chance of sounding un-educated, then for the fact that there’s always more research out there you haven’t seen yet (plus new research is constantly coming out at an ever-increasing pace).

Deep down, personalities boil down to our genes’ need to reproduce. Hence, why this post is all about…


Another reason why it’s risky for people to talk about / ask questions / provide suggestions about other people’s sex lives… is because when they do… they reveal personal details that they may not want people to know. I think that this is exactly why the anonymous Reddit community became the perfect platform to make statements – both smart and stupid – about sexuality.

Talking about “it” is pricey.

The price we pay is revealing too much of ourselves. We can only hypothesize about the things we know, and by definition, personal relationships are personal. Therefore, we’re all biased. Perhaps that’s why we love reading stuff about sex, as it lets us check our experience against information available out there. No wonder Cosmo is still in business after decades of talking about the same thing.

Talking about “it” is also an opportunity.

The benefit you get when you proactively, umm, “cite your facts” about building & sustaining personal relationships is the opportunity to be either corrected or supported by someone who has newer research. If the other person’s research is more recent, and it disagrees with your claims – good; now you know! And if their facts agreed with yours – good; you were right.

As a rule of thumb, if you’re a rational community participant (not just Reddit, but any community), you want to have large streaks of being correct + few streaks of being incorrect. That’s how you add value to the community and maintain your reputation.

Today, I want to show you a place where you can keep up to date on newest psych research on… SEX!

(I’ll be damned if this doesn’t become one of this year’s Top 3 most popular posts all year – unless sex doesn’t sell anymore! #AmIRite?)

I’ll start today’s post by sharing with you my recent fascination: the /r/TheRedPill subreddit. Side note: for women, there’s r/RedPillWomen/

The Red Pill

“Discussion of sexual strategy in a culture increasingly lacking a positive identity for men.” 

As soon as I saw this community description, I though… Lol, I can only imagine how heated their arguments must get! So basically, Reddit members who participate in this community (and by the way, I don’t – I just troll) believe that today’s men lack proper leadership and/or good role models. Talk about an explosive recipe for trolling & shaming, right?


You’d probably agree that many people just don’t know how to argue well!

I see it every day! I bet you do, too. Most people can argue. Few people can argue well.

When I hear people argue – I’ll admit, I’ve been guilty of these, too – people often moralize the issue and insult others to gain leverage in the argument. They need to be right at all cost. I used to do it when I was younger, but I’ve become much more aware of it as I got older. As I look back on some of the arguments I’ve been in with people, I just think “that was so petty of me, glad I’m over that now.”

Not knowing how to argue well sucks! Rational people can see right through that shit! So if you’re arguing poorly, you must either take the other party for a moron, or you must be a moron yourself. Either way, don’t do it. You see… I’m a big fan of the way the rules of this community help violators understand the reasons why their logic may be flawed. For example:

No Moralizing 

… arguments that stem from morality (i.e. this is evil, therefore) are strictly prohibited.

Do not insult or harass members

If you have a point to be made, you can make it with a well reasoned rationale, or not at all. Calling members “beta” or “bitch” brings the level of discourse down to preadolescent schoolyard bickering.

In a community that’s all about psychological archetypes & personal stories, it’s very interesting to read the comment section. I wondered… how can such a community discuss personal matters without labeling personal things as “beta” or a million other belittling (yet legitimate) terms? I would expect an Internet discussion to derail into trash talking, like most YouTube comments section. But after I dug into it, I was pleasantly surprised.

In this post I want to show you some of the most interesting discussions in this community. Check them out. Then, browse around the community and see if you find anything interesting and post your faves in the comment section below (unique gems worth my time only pls).

Remember that the best value that you’ll get from today’s blog post is not inside the short summary underneath the title that I post, but inside the comment sections found inside the links, which are moderated according to the rules: 


“So you’re a boring fuck: How to become interesting in 3 Easy Steps”

While men and women are very different, one thing we have in common is that the majority of us are terrible. 90% of women are basic bitches whose lives revolve around Netflix, wine, shopping, and naps. But we often forget that 90% of men are fuckboys who have no vision beyond videogames, televised sports, smoking weed, and trying to keep their dicks slick. We fault women as boring and banal but too often neglect ourselves.

The kneejerk response is that we’re all unplugged individuals. We’re miles ahead of Joe Beta eating cheetohs on the couch. But the unfortunate truth is that TRP consists mainly of Reformed Betas, and chances are most of us spent high school and college locked in our rooms studying or playing video games; which in terms of cultivating individual character and force of personality is pretty fucking terrible. Without real life experience, too often these guys express themselves through pop-culture references and define themselves by the media they consume. They lack an original, self-actualized identity.

Almost every day I see newly unplugged guys wondering how they can become more interesting and make conversation. Most of TRP is pretty straightforward: lift, read, approach. There’s an endless amount of information on how to lift weights, along with a wealth of resources in the sidebar on RP theory and game. But what do you do if you have the chiseled body and iron frame, but nothing inside?

“How To Talk To Everyone”

The trick to starting random conversations is to simply let people in to your interior monologue. I NEVER think in terms of “starting conversations,” but if you hung out with me for a day you would say “wow, that guy starts conversations with everyone he sees!” It is because I am not trying to start conversations. Rather, I am simply aware that I am a good person, and a smart and social guy – and therefore I am entitled to enlighten other people with a thought or two from my interior monologue. When I see a person walking a dog that I think is cute, there is no thinking “should I say something to this person?” because I am already telling them that their dog is cute. When I see an attractive woman in the bookstore, there is no questioning to myself whether or not I should talk to her, because by that time I am already telling her not to buy that Dave Eggers book because Dave Eggers is a terrible writer and she will not benefit from her purchase. I think genuine self-knowledge and self-awareness goes a long way towards achieving this state of Omni-Talkativeness. When I looked deep inside myself and searched my motives, I was a little surprised by the fact that inside, I am a genuinely good person who genuinely wants the best for people.

“The Golden Rule: How To Not Get Fucked In Business”

I call Kevin up and say, ”Sup bro, I got an order for you, i’ll send in the Purchase order for $100,000.” Kevin’s ecstatic, holy shit he’s never seen so much money before in his life. He just started this business and is so excited that he landed such a lucrative contract. He spent the last 4 years going through college to get his business degree, he got married to a lovely girl, they had a kid so she decides to be a stay at home mom at least till he’s old enough for school. He’s been slaving away in corporate America for the past 8 years to pay for college and save up enough to finally start his own business. He’s got this shit on lock. He’s got the work ethic to make this deal happen and he’s going to crush it. He takes out a mortgage on his home to front the startup loan from the bank. He heads out and buys all the materials needed to complete the job. It end up costing him $60,000 grand to complete the job, 40k isn’t a bad profile margin. From the moment he buys his material from his vendors, he has 30 days to pay them back. That’s the default pay period when business to business transaction happen, usually called Net 30.

Kevin thinks he might be able to get a bit more money out of the work though. He contacts me and tells me he underestimated the quote and it’s going to be an extra 30k to complete. Kevin assumes I’ll understand as this is his first time and I’ve been mentoring him through his whole upstart. I let him know that’s fine and we renew the purchase order for $130,000. Now he’s going to make 70k profit! He doesn’t waste any time. From day 1 of him picking up materials he is off putting in the time, labor, sweat and tears to get this done. He’s going to make a killing. Kevin and I meet at a trade show last year through mutual interest and I saw the passion in his eyes to get shit done. I knew he had the hustle, he just need a push in the right direction and some incentive to get started. In this case, $1 million in sales a year is what I offered him. Let’s talk about me a little. I’m in my 50’s, been the president of a division of a billion dollar a year corporation for about 10 years now. Our division alone put out $230 million a year in sales. Our parent company that owns us reaches 1.6 billion a year. Kevin’s 1 million dollar account doesn’t even merit a second glance in the accounting office.

Back to Kevin. He finishes up his work. Spent all his material and the job is done. At 25 days since his first material purchase, he still has just under a week to pay back his vendor at the Net 30. Not to worry, vendors know the game, sometimes it takes a bit to get the money before the last tier supplier get’s his check. He learned all this in business school. He calls up the main office and gives my secratary the news. ”Great Mr Redwood is on vacation in the rockies for the week! When he gets back I’ll have him check out the work and you’ll be seeing the check in the mail within a few business days.” Kevin’s ecstatic, his first big deal. He’s about to bank 70k profit in a month. Week goes by and nothing. He calls but doesn’t reach me. The secretary tells him that I’ll be back by tomorrow to inspect the work first hand. Great, he’s had to dig into his savings a bit to pacify the vendor till the check comes in. No worries though, Kevin and I became good friends during this last year and he still has money back in the bank. Two weeks go by and nothing, He can’t reach me as i never gave him my private cell. He calls the main office, secretary tells him that I checked it out, work was awesome and the check is in the mail. Great, he had to spend some more savings on some emergency medical issue with his kid but now he’s about to bank 70k. He’s dreaming about what this job will be like at the end of the year. The vacation he’s going to be able to treat his family too. Hell, imagine what this will be like in 2 or 3 years. Kevin is literally on cloud 9. The past 8 years has brought him to this moment.

3 weeks, nothing. He’s starting to worry. He’s out almost 60 days and his vendor is starting to send notices. He calls but nothing.

4 weeks past Net 30. same run around.

5 weeks out. still no check.

6 weeks, same.

7 weeks, same.

8, same.

9 weeks. Kevin files for bankruptcy. His vendors take him to court for the money he owes. All his assets, house, everything, seized by the banks. His wife can’t stand him. How could she marry such a loser. How could this have happened? Hell, this is illegal right?

It is absolutely, one hundred percent, positively illegal to do what i just did to Kevin. But good luck trying to take my $230 million dollar a year company to court while you are in the middle of filing for bankruptcy and have no other income source, Kevin.

“The Intelligent Alpha – Male Sexual Market Value and why ‘Dread Game’ Works”

The game disappears once you realize the truth. YOU, the real man, the man’s man (even if you are still a boy on your way to manhood), are a fucking SCARCE commodity on the sexual market.

Today’s women are utterly deprived because there’s absolutely no good husband material out there. All the women in my age group that I know–or women my LTR knows and tells me about–are either single and frustrated, or unsatisfied in their relationship. There are virtually no authentic alpha males out there. Women today are forced to choose between pussy boys and retards.

In today’s world it takes next to nothing to “be alpha,” because everyone out there is so fucking beta. The only “men,” who appear alpha (outside of communities like this) are idiots who don’t know any better.

The so-called natural alpha is just an inconsiderate prick who lacks any empathy or ability to conceptualize beyond the edge of his dick. The only thoughts that come to his head are “Me horny! Me go fuck girls now,” and then he does it. And then he appears alpha… he appears to be a decisive man. But his problem is that he acts without thinking.

In the end, he frustrates women because they can’t form an emotional connection with him. So they have their BB orbiters for that. But these guys, on the other hand, are totally incapable of making decisions, setting boundaries, and so on because they’re over analyzing. They overly empathize with others, especially women. Their problem is that they think too much and don’t act enough–or decisively enough.

So then comes along a red pill dude in his mid to late twenties who was a nerd in high school and has since been working on himself. This dude is obviously rationally intelligent. He’s also developed emotional intelligence, dominance, self-respect, decisiveness, personal integrity and so on. He has a tight body because he works out. He’s developed a sense of style. He’s very aware about the world and the social game. And if he’s not making a shit ton of money already, odds are very good that he will within a decade or less.

This man is you. Whether he’s you now or you in a couple of years doesn’t really matter. What matters is that he’s the holy grail in terms of SMV. When he walks by female heads turn. When he looks and smiles in her direction her panties get wet. When he talks to her she’s in awe because…

He’s not even gaming her. He’s not using any tricks. He just has natural confidence he gained from thinking about the world AND acting in it.

If he gets into a LTR it’s because HE wanted to. And if the LTR ends it’s because HE wanted that too. Dread game for him isn’t even a game. He doesn’t even have to do anything because his GF/Wife knows that he can get chics at the drop of a hat. And so she works her ass off to keep him happy.

“Respect is earned”

There’s a post floating around today from 4chan, containing a story as old as time: A guy gets dumped by his girl because she found someone better. I guess I can elaborate with a little more detail. A guy and his girl move into a new apartment, the girl starts hanging out with some of the people there, doesn’t come home one night, and the next day dumps her boyfriend. She explains that she met someone else, is really attracted to him, and was with him last night. The guy asks, “Did you fuck him?” and she responds, “No, but I’m going to.” She explains, essentially, that she didn’t want to cheat on him, so she waited to break up with him first.

Honestly, that little factoid doesn’t matter. The part where she spends all night with this other guy talking about how they’re going to fuck, making sure she has sure thing lined up before dumping her boyfriend – that’s cheating, too. Just as much as fucking the guy would be. If you ask me, she might as well have fucked him.

Our Red Pill brethren predictably flood this thread with comments about how annoying women are. How can she be so callously disrespectful, people ask. I actually find it interesting how much more direct and honest women are toward men that they don’t respect. Once she doesn’t need you any more, she doesn’t need to lie to you any more. I’d give it decent odds that this girl was telling her guy the truth, and she hadn’t fucked the other man yet. She’s breaking up with him anyway, she clearly doesn’t respect him, and she gains very little by lying to him. It’s not like she seriously expects this guy to remain her friend or admire her for not actually cheating. That’s stuff she’s telling him for his benefit to let him down easy. She doesn’t benefit from that.

But anyway, Red Pill predictably complains. Women have no honor, no respect, yada yada. But there’s something our fathers told us, or should have, that really applies here. Something society tells us daily, actually: Respect is earned.

Think about what we’re asking of this girl, or of women in general, if we expect loyalty. We’re asking that if a woman meets another man who’s better than you – be it better looking, higher status, more wealth/security, better social acumen, more interesting skills and hobbies and shit to talk about, whatever – that she pass on this better opportunity solely because you came along first. Essentially, we’re asking women to only commit to a relationship with you if she expects to be with you forever. She can never cheat, never dump you for a better offer. Just stick around forever, or until you dump her. Because apparently, it’s a race and you came along first, so anyone who comes along later must be ignored.

That’s not a fair thing to ask of women. It’s not her responsibility to stay with you on principle alone. It’s your responsibility to be the kind of man who doesn’t get dumped or cheated on. It’s your responsibility to earn her respect, every minute of every day. If she passes on a better offer just on principle, she’ll spend the rest of your soon-to-be-very-short-lived relationship resenting you, finding fault in everything about you, suddenly “realizing” how unhappy she is.

There are tons of posts in this community that are super entertaining to read & follow up on. Tons of discussions on personality traits, life & death, drugs & alcohol and all that good stuff. Check it out: TheRedPill

What ever happened to boy & girl building a relationship just because it “felt right?” Those days are gone, it seems. Now, it’s all about personality matches and a bunch of other over-analyzing bullshit. Interesting times we live in.

Forget about Kamasutra. It’s all about Freud now.

Forget Cosmo. You can get better insight online now.

I love scrolling subreddits that deal with controversial topics more than I like to participate in them. As far as my personal sex stories… you’re gonna have to find those out in future posts 😉 I must not be Alpha enough to broadcast those in public yet, but hey, at least you know I’m gonna keep it real when I do 😀

Mom, Dad, Grandparents… just a heads-up… this might be a good time for you to tune out of… Just saying… LOL

3 white lies that we tell people every day (and why they’re OK)

shhhhEvery day, we lie to people. We don’t mean to. But we do it because our habits dictate our behavior. A long time ago, we learned that these three “white lies” are acceptable ways to make conversation.

These aren’t “outlandish lies,” they’re simply white lies that soften our everyday dialogues.

Check them out, then comment below if you can think of any other ones.

  1. “I’m just curious.” Okay. No one asks a question or requests information out of pure curiosity. There’s always a motive behind any energetic investment. Because asking questions and making inquiries requires an investment of energy, typically people want to make a gain on it. Time spent on question X means time taken away from asking question Y.

    Humans are rational beings who use their time wisely. Mere curiosity is insufficient to make an inquiry which requires a ‘conversation softener’ such as ‘I’m just curious.’ No you’re not. Why do you REALLY want to know this?

  2. “I don’t care, you pick.” Yeah, right. Whether it’s a man getting food for his woman… or roommates picking a movie… or two friends deciding on what to do on a Friday night……when two or more options compete, one usually knows what they’d prefer.

    In reality, ‘I don’t care, you pick’ means ‘I hope you know what I like best and it’d be cool if you picked that.’

    This phrase has many cousins, such as ‘it’s whatever’ and ‘I don’t know right now.’ How does one NOT know what their preference is?

    These phrases are conversation-stoppers, often used when the respondent doesn’t want to keep talking about the subject at hand. Yes, you do know what you want to eat/wear/do/whatever, you just refuse to invest the energy into making the choice on the spot.

  3. “That’s [insert overly vibrant adjective here].(I’m guilty of this one)
    Here’s a hypothetical conversation that probably happens hundreds of times a day:

    – I went to a concert last night
    – DUDE that’s awesome! What show?

    – I got you an autograph from the main artist
    – OMG that’s sick! :-O For me?!

    – It was So-And-So and This-And-That, live duet
    – WOW that’s insane!!! Where are you?

Okay, three questions:

One. Why is going to a concert awesome? Shouldn’t such a vibrant word be reserved for TRULY special occasions, like a visit from Obama or a random phone call from a friend from 10 years ago?

Two. Why is an autograph “sick?” I think you meant to say “very nice of you” or simply “great?” Why elevate the status of a good outcome to that of an illness?

Three. Why use mental illness to describe a pleasant duet? Isn’t that a bit backwards?

These and many more white lies plague the modern-day dialogue and now that you’re privy to it, perhaps you’ll begin to notice it as well, and start calling people out on it 😀 LOL

Now, here’s why these white lies are OK.

  1. They don’t hurt anyone. They’re just a way of making conversation. We just don’t remember that we don’t mean them literally, as they’re so deeply ingrained in our brains.
  2. They may be a product of stress / anxiety. When someone tells you a startling fact or when you make a request that you’d like to appear unrelated to your prior conversations with a person, you’re on high alert. You’re prompted to respond, so you go with the knee-jerk reaction without thinking your words through.
  3. They may be anticipating it. Again: because we’re creatures of habit, your prior conversations dictate your future word choice. You’re more likely to use familiar terminology with familiar people. Since these white lies are already in your lexicon, there’s no scrapping them from there without bringing awareness to the sounds that come out of your mouth every time you speak. This is no easy feat.

If you can think of your own ‘white lies’ that you hear a lot in your own life, please comment below and share! 🙂

Double That!

I need 3 superstar JVs who want to learn how to “Double That” in just 30 days.
Caution: 98% of my readers won’t bother to squint and read my chicken-scratch handwriting! (I’m looking for the other 2%).
Chicken Scratch 
Read on…
In the past few months, I’ve received half a dozen private messages from JVs who wish to have two launches a month instead of one.
My first question to them is, “two a month is a great idea, so what’s stopping you?”
Their answers range from “I don’t have the time” to “one launch is already stressful, I don’t know how to do it any faster.”
It’s getting real!
These people are so admirable. They know they can be their own interventionists, they just don’t know where to start.
Time management?
Recruiting JVs?
Customer support?
Refunds and accounting?
UGH! It’s hard!
Fair enough. We live busy lives and we can’t work faster than our fastest.
I know how that feels.
You can only handle so much stress in 24 hours, before you go mental.
ALSO, not everyone’s attention span is cut out for going 2x.
Trust me:
I understand the feeling of frustration and self-shame that washes over you when you’ve procrastinated past your deadline, all because you were afraid to even get started.
What if I could take that stress off your shoulders, and help you transform all of that pent-up anxiety into MASSIVE ACTION?
You see…
Not too long ago, it was New Years Eve, and we all made our Resolutions.
We all told ourselves that “2016 will be different.”
2016 would be a year of taking action. But by April, we often forget about all that good stuff as we AGAIN get bogged down by mediocrity of the past.
Rather than surge ahead, we succumb to the path of least resistance, i.e., our lazy habits and lack of motivation.
(This is not everyone! If you are among the 2% who gives a shit, you’re probably not included in this trend.)
The tendency to forget about your New Years “game plan” is so commonplace that you can’t even blame anyone for it. We’re human beings; we’ve daily tasks to attend to; we don’t remember things we’re not reminded of.
The Resolutions around New Years are important because it’s a time when people focus on their Personal plan, rather than their Business plan.
It’s unbearable to have a solid Business plan, but not to have any Personal plan.
If our businesses exist to make us money which we can spend on ourselves… Then we must have an idea of how we wish to spend it!
On New Years, people plan trips for the next year, they set goals for their health, their careers… Everything! Your fun ideas, goals and dreams contribute a great deal of happiness to your personal plan, which is shaped by your Resolutions.
Now, let me ask you a question:
As the year goes by, do your goals become any less important than they were on December 31st?
I hope you answered NO!
Now, look…
It’s April now.
Some of my JVs told me 4 months ago that they wanted to “double their business in 2016.”
I hope it’s coming along well for them 🙂 Because I’m cooking up something ULTRA special for you all!
I’m putting together a Summer 2016 coaching program for people who wish to 2x their business using a proven approach that has worked for 100% of my partners who have applied it.
Students must fit certain criteria:
– Must have a “product creator” mindset (no experience in coding/design necessary)
– Must have launched at least once, even if unsuccessfully (you will learn how to crank out 5- and 6-figure launches, TWICE A MONTH, like clockwork – hence the title of the program, “Double That”)
– Must be familiar with affiliate marketing (we’ll be using JVZoo in the course, and after you graduate, you will be able to confidently use any network you like)
– Must be willing to commit to daily action steps (4 weeks = 20 business days; every day you will follow a video module; working on weekends is going to be optional at this entry level)
– Must be willing to learn how to effortlessly prospect 100 new JV partners via Skype or FB every 30 days in order to continue your exponential growth as you launch more and more products (I will teach you exactly how to do this & how not to do this)
I’m looking for THREE (and no more than three) people who wish to have me walk them through this.
When you join my program, you’ll do live masterminds, you’ll discover how to launch twice a month like a goddamn BOSS, and you’ll get my “stamp of approval” to my personal JVs list (provided that you follow my 30-day video course to the tee, and your product is spectacular, which it will be).
The program will be called “Double That,” and it’s a 90-day endeavor that will guarantee you’ll take your pathetic one-launch-every-once-in-a-blue-moon attitude, and transform your business into a well-oiled exponential growth machine.
When I take this bad boy for a webinar circuit, I’ll make it super affordable: only $997 (or 3 EZ pmts of $299).
I’ll allow the steep discount, but only for that small window of time, because I’ll need to ramp up my # of students. After that, it’ll go back up to the regular price of $2,997.
Who the hell am I?
I’m Vas Blagodarskiy, aka music producer Vas Majority and I’ve been a self-employed online entrepreneur since 2010. I’ve worked with all the JVs you wish would work with you (I’ll introduce you to them when you’re ready). I’ve bought and sold a handful of businesses. I write all my own copy. And I’ve been nominated as JVZoo’s “Product Of The Day” vendor more times than I can remember.
I’ve made a ton of stupid mistakes when I had to “learn the ropes” of doubling my own launches, so now you don’t have to!
I’ve stepped on every rake imaginable. I’ll help you side step them, so you can take the shortest path to success.
This will NOT be some major launch. I can only accept like 20 or 25 people.
Let’s get something out of the way immediately:
This opportunity is NOT for you if:
– You have never attempted to launch your own product before due to anxiety-inducing fear that cripples you (this program is for action takers only, this is not for newbies – at this price point, that’s just the way it’s gotta be)
– You need a “boss” to tell you what to do (you must be able to listen, but ultimately, you have to be a self-starter and a go-getter, otherwise you will not double your business easily, I promise you)
– You are not willing to hire some people to allow you to get more than 24 hours of work done in less than 24 hours. I’ll be showing you how to leverage low-cost freelance talent that needs high-quality work (the likes of which you will provide to them), while saving thousands on labor
– You dislike marketing. I only want happy people in the program; strictly good vibes allowed. Leave your ego at the door, and be prepared to teach me as much as I will teach you 󾌵
My method WORKS. I haven’t had a single JV partner fail with it. If you do it, it works. That’s why I can’t just give it all away for free. If I did, you wouldn’t do it.
In fact, it’s all right here, in this image!
If you belong to the 2% of inquisitive people out there, and you squinted to read my chicken-scratch, then I dare you to do it!
All 4 weeks are spelled out in there. If you study the image then you will see exactly what I’m cooking up.
Care to do it all by yourself, with no help?
Do it!
I bet you won’t, because this image doesn’t spell it all out.
This image – unlike ME – won’t stay on your ass to make sure you implement it.
But when you join my program, that’s what I’ll do for you.
I’ll make sure you get shit done, and I’ll stay on your case about completing the necessary steps to DOUBLE THAT!
Anyway. I digress.
I need three people who’ll do it with me.
And because you’ve read thus far, and because you’re the early bird (and also because I need your testimonials before I can REALLY push this program)…
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Just $1.
I’ll waive 99.99%+ of the cost because it’s not about the money, it’s about the quality of the applicant.
*Comment below* to let me know you want in and I’ll select 5 people to interview. Then, from those 5 interviews, I will choose 3 people to give the offer to.
(No need to thank me until you implement the shit that I’m about to teach you and you see that it works.)
Oh! Also!
Inside the program, we’ll do cool stuff like FREE books and FREE software and FREE audiobooks and a bunch of other cool stuff!

Why Copy Matters

Company executives – especially those in charge of generating profits for a business – often publish materials that relate to their hustle (for example, press releases; marketing materials; proposals; reports; email notifications; websites; webinars and other presentations).

The vast majority of profit-generating writing is in (1) landing pages, (2) email swipes and (3) ads. The text that goes into these pieces defines the percentages of conversions, the EPCs, even the refund rate. The better the copy, the more profits you make. Plain and simple.

Unfortunately for many businessmen (especially those who don’t speak English very well), spectacular writing talent isn’t something that we’re born with.

When these company executives are busy up to their necks in meetings, phone calls, travel and other commitments…

…they have very little time to spend on writing all their own stuff.

Besides: not every executive is a great writer (and that’s okay). For some, writing is optional because they can outsource it to a better writer. For others, it’s impossible because they suck at writing and so they have no option but to outsource it.

Penmanship has always been my forte´. If you’ve been following my blog, then I hope you can agree.

Ever since college, I’ve been silently helping entrepreneurs, company owners and middle-level managers achieve their financial objectives via copywriting.

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is a service where a writer creates copy. It’s when a person is hired to do the writing work of a business’ materials, such as the ones mentioned above. Copy is the text that readers read. Simply put, it’s the verbal presentation of your ideas on a screen or on paper.

Here’s the thing about copy. Copy matters. Copy is what other people learn about your business, so it’s important to nail it every time you communicate with the world. Highly-paid copywriters often have full-time schedules, but their time is highly valued. Businesses that hire copywriters recognize the fact that copy matters, and they pay accordingly.

When a person is put in charge of writing the landing page for your website, you entrust that person with your bottom line. You entrust them with your image and your reputation. What that person writes about you will be seen by thousands, perhaps millions of people in the world. Above all, the copywriter needs to be the right fit for your business.

Here are 3 reasons why copy matters

  1. Your copy is you – you are your copy. When a person lands on your website and reads the blurb that they’re supposed to read, they need to be clear about what to do next. If your goal is to get them to click, then the call to action must say so. But before people commit to clicking, they have to be convinced that the click will be worth their time. That’s where the art of copy makes a huge difference. There’s a science to it, too; persuasion is equally creative and scientific.
  2. Your results depend on your copy. It’s how you persuade people. It’s how people adapt your worldview, and begin to act accordingly. It’s a direct link inside your readers’ brains. Need to double your revenue? Want that big important person to urgently respond to your email? Need your customers to actually fill out your super important survey? Copy can accomplish these goals, but only if you treat is that seriously.
  3. Master copywriters help your business remain congruent. If you’re selling a software product, but you refer to it as “an app,” “a plugin,” “a software product” and “a SAAS platform,” all in the same paragraph… that’s going to confuse quite a lot of people. People like familiarity. Good copy pulls on people’s familiarity with your brand. Using consistent terminology is just one of hundreds of examples of how master copywriters create congruence in their writing (for example, if it’s an app, just call it an app).

OK. So you want to try a copywriter for your next big project. How do you know he or she won’t be a waste of money?

Here are 3 qualities of a superstar writer

  1. A good copywriter will have a proven track record of writing successful pieces. They should be able to present examples to you immediately upon demand (even on weekends – good copywriters will go above and beyond standard business hours to secure good clients).
  2. A good copywriter will answer all your questions before discussing money matters with you. There are various tiers of copywriters. The busy ones – the ones who always have a packed schedule – usually charge $100/hour or more.
  3. A good copywriter will consider a revenue-share contract with you as part of their compensation. Because you want your copywriter to put their heart and soul into your project, it may make sense for you to offer them a few percent of your profit margin as an added incentive. This is a smart move because it ensures stellar performance by giving them enough skin in the game to go the extra mile (but not too much).

So how do you find the right copywriter for your project?

Here are 3 fast & easy ways to find one

  1. Job sites. They’re out there. This is probably the worst way to do it, because there’s a good chance that you’re just 1 degree away from a copywriter right now, and you don’t even know it.
  2. Ask friends and family. Who do you look up to? Who is your mentor? Write them a message and ask them if they know any good writers. When they connect you with them, ask them if they’ve ever done any commercial work.
  3. Email me. Click the link to watch my video. I’ve worked with attorneys, doctors, app creators, video animators, software developers, musicians, and (yes) even other copywriters who get me to ghost-produce their writing for them. I’ve written people’s blog posts, emails, landing pages, even contracts and project specs sheets. I do it all. Just tell me how I can help and I’ll tell you what I can do. I don’t charge a bullshit ‘consultation fee’ and I won’t tell you that a task will take 20 hours when in reality it’ll only take 3. I keep it 100, and I do great work, fast.

Have you ever hired a copywriter?

How was your experience?

Let’s talk about it in the comments!

The Best Feeling In The World

Today, I joined Toptal because I’m a toropygah.

When I was a little Russian boy, my parents called me toropygah, which roughly translates as “the one who always rushes.” In today’s context, you might think that my parents were trying to say I was ADHD. But in 1990s Moscow, the adults simply meant that I was constantly trying to out-do myself. This made me realize, at the age of 4, that the adults think that I stand out against other kids. I liked standing out. I quickly learned that being good at something is easy, because being ‘great’ is meant to be hard; however being merely ‘good’ means being slightly better than mediocre. Around that time, I also learned that most people in life are, indeed, mediocre. With the help of decisive parents and grand-parents, I chose to never settle for mediocrity at a ripe age of 5. If you think that five-year-olds are not capable of making such pivotal decisions, you’re probably right, hence why I relinquish full credit for my life’s accomplishments to the stewardship of my amazing family.

Then, at the age of 9, my family moved to America, and that experience put me right back on my ass REAL quick. We moved in April of 2003. A few months later, I turned 10 and entered middle school. You might recall from your childhood that middle schoolers are mean-ass motherfuckers. When you throw a fresh-off-the-boat kid with a bowl cut into the melting pot of 6th grade drama, the cream-of-the-crop of bullies emerge with the most artful ways of gaining leverage on you for the sake of boosting their own precious image. It took me a few years to become fluent. Luckily, because I was 10 when I learned English and not 13, I don’t have an accent anymore. But when I was a teenager, my accent was brutal. Naturally, I was in a rush to become normal, because it’s hard to be above mediocre when you can barely speak English. I sunk into nerdhood (math, literature, science). Books didn’t call you mean names and they didn’t make fun of your accent. I liked books. But I liked people better. I wanted to get closer to the people. After all, I was a teenage boy. Appearances matter, and as someone who was used to being above-mediocre, I wasn’t entirely happy with my social appearance. I understood why it was the way it was (I was a total stranger to the American culture at the time), but I wanted it to change. Fast. My toropygah tendencies solidified in middle school. High school was way better. Then, in college, ‘good’ wasn’t good enough anymore, so that’s when I learned how to be ‘great’ (but that’s a topic worthy of a separate blog post – stay tuned).

Being a toropygah allowed me to excel in many areas in life. Yet still, the term carried with it a negative connotation. Older people like to preach to the younger people, “slow and steady wins the race.” That’s because when those people were younger, they probably burned themselves in the process of rushing. Back then, I didn’t understand why it was bad to be toropygah. Now that I’m older, I understand how being in a rush can lead to a life of debt & never-ending crises. But when you’re a little boy, it comes off as criticism. So, as little boys typically do, I fought that criticism by… of course, being an even bigger toropygah. Just when they told me I was moving too fast, I sped up.

Today, I wonder if I’m still a toropygah or if I’ve slowed down. I attribute my success in life (education, business, family ties) to my desire to “go big or go home, all the time.” Nowadays, I’m more cautious, but I think I’m still a toropygah. And while the phrase ‘slow and steady wins the race’ has grown on me, I can’t say that it’s ever succeeded at changing my pace.

2 decades after I was labeled to be the thing which I believe myself to be today, I see a parallel between my quick pace and my rapid success. In fact, being in a rush has become the foundation of my success as an entrepreneur. It has given me the best feeling in the world: the feeling of being on top of the world. You see… when you’re in a rush, there’s no time to look back. Only ahead. There’s no room for regrets, there’s no space for a change of heart. The only thing you have time for when you’re in a rush is what’s ahead.

If you’re not in a rush, you’re either standing still or you’re moving backwards. If you’re not in a rush, you’re patiently waiting (not for something particular, but for anything interesting). Granted, it can be argued that being in a rush is stressful, but I would counter by saying, “it doesn’t have to be.” I believe that you can be 3 steps ahead and still not be out of breath. You can plan better now and not have to work harder later. It’s all possible, if you just put your mind to it.

That being said… Am I a relentless robot who works 24/7 without a break? Absolutely not. I, too, need down time, just like everyone else. But when I’m WORKING… I’m still a toropygah. Always have been, always will be.

I want all the bigger clients.

I want all the better jobs.

I want all the possibilities.

Go big or go home, right?

Affluenza Vol 2 Contest is OVER

WAVO.ME brought in massive results for my SoundCloud profile. A report from April at Wavo Support says that here are my totals:

Here are your final stats:
– 1094 stem downloads
– 122 artist submissions
– 1406 fan votes
Overall, 2500 fans were involved in the contest and are now followers of Vas Majority. These are REAL PEOPLE, not bots – Wavo’s straight hood like that. They’re the real deal.
At the start:
Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 12.52.51 AM
2 weeks later:
Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 12.53.20 AM
Finish line:
Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 1.21.18 AM


Want to listen to my 122 babies? Now… Granted… Some of my babies are uglier than others… but they’re mine. So I’ve got that going for me which is nice.


The talent out there is INSANE!

Here are some noteworthy mentions:

Kloudization Remix




ADAY Remix


JD Dyslexia Remix


Firestarterz Remix


MSPK Remix


We Killed Hannah Remix



Honorable mentions:


Soufiane AZ Remix


ApeXx Remix

ZUKA Remix

Vasilios & Giuda Remix

Imperium Remix



Much love to all the participants! Winners may or may not have been announced in this post. You’ve gotta stay tuned. The winners will be announced on April 20.

Run The Trap: 4 (Plus +1) Basic Traps You Must Know About


In an earlier post, I shared with you something I’ve never shared before with anyone: why I love trap music. Before, trap music used to be something I simply loved, without ever having to explain why I loved it. Then, after a long car ride, I finally figured it out, so I decided to put it into words. I hope I did a good job – you can be the judge of that.

In today’s post, I would like to apply the principles of trapping to life’s 4 most basic of all human relationships.

THE PARENT TRAP: Grasp/Release

Many people have a hard time “becoming themselves” until long after they’ve graduated, moved out, gotten married and raised their families and buried their parents. Some psychologists attribute this to people’s inability to “let go” of their childhood and “grow into” something new. In life, we see these necessities to cling on and then to let go, many times over. For instance, parents have an obligation to their children: to be there for them, to love them, to cherish them, to participate in their lives, to be curious about their progress. No matter what happens to the parent, this is always the case. Having a child is like starting a business for the rest of your life. However, after building their “turnkey business opportunity asset” (read: human being) for 18 years, they have to learn to let it go out into the world. This may be the hardest thing for a parent to do as they try to escape the trap paradigm through their middle years and onwards.

THE CHILD TRAP: Learning/Acting

We all grow up as “learners,” because we mainly do what our parents do. But then, it’s time to “act” on it, i.e., break from tradition and think for yourself. What if acting in the present is hard to reconcile with what you’ve learned in the past? We blame ourselves for getting it wrong before, or not being correct in our logic now. We learn this at a young age, perhaps through the struggle of finding balance between learning and acting. This trap paradigm permanently embeds within the mind of every human the notion of achieving value through never-ending education. This traps many children in a cycle of learning, with not enough acting. Even after they become an adult, many go on to keep learning more but not doing the bare necessities.

THE FRIEND TRAP: Generosity/Shrewdness

Friends must be there for each other; if they fail to do so, they lose their friend status. But when is a friend being generous with their time, and when are they being shrewd? Or are true friends really neither of those, and they’re just being the best friend they can be? We all wonder at one point in our life, “am I being taken advantage of by this person, or am I overthinking it?” This is a self-defense mechanism. A stress response to adulthood, of sorts. That’s just kind of how it goes, and in my experience with talking to other entrepreneurs, this thought cuts across all cultures, languages and ages. But above all, we must be there for ourselves. As you spend more energy on being generous, your health suffers, so you swing back into ‘shrewdness’ mode and take care of yourself, or else you perish.


Businesses must deliver maximum value to their shareholders in order to retain optimal market value. This means that the consumer ALWAYS gets a short end of the stick. The product available on the shelf is NEVER the best product available, because product placement requires the product that is to be displayed to fit certain criteria (price, quantity, color, flavor, size, materials used, etc). Consumer-conscientious businesses combat this by reducing their profit margin and by increasing marketplace value. The consumer ALWAYS suffers as a result of the business trap (even if they want the best, the best thing available probably isn’t it). Trap-aware consumers combat this by constantly demanding better deals from the sellers that they deal with, thus forcing businesses to experience further shrinking of their profits whenever their asking margins get too large.

Are there any basic traps that I’ve missed? Comment below and let me know.

Affiliate Screenshots – Overdone! What to do about it?

If you sell stuff, you’ve gotta have proof that your stuff works. When you sell stuff that helps people sell stuff, your proof consists of statistics and screenshots and other types of claims. If you can show your claim in a graphic – great. You win. If you can show your claim in a video, through a story… even better. You dominate.

I think that the era of screenshots with big red arrows and large numbers is coming to an end. Those who earn a lot of money are legitimized through their community, which knows who dominates – there’s no guessing involved, as sales rankings on affiliate networks are typically public information to the members.

I think that these things will still have their place, but we’ll start seeing them less and less. Instead of screenshots and charts, which suffer from many setbacks (hard to believe / understand / share), we will have video testimonials.

Getting video testimonials used to be hard, but it’s getting easier:

  • Affordable cam corders
  • Live streaming video technology
  • Social proof through your community – just ask your friends or customers to say ‘Hi’ on the camera, and tell the world what you’re doing

Going ‘public’ has become easier than ever. All you need are story telling skills, because the story telling technology is already there.

Luckily, you don’t need talent to tell stories. You need skills. And skills can be acquired. What this means is that we are living in an age where earning potential is associated less with talent and more with experience. I’ve always been a believer in experiential learning. I think that going through the struggle shows you way more than luck/connections/inheritance ever could. Those who never struggle would probably disagree, but they’re just not living on the same wavelength as those who are in my position, which is totally okay. What bridges the gap between all is (1) acquisition of education and (2) further desire to apply education.

I think that these two things – education and further desire to apply it – are the next step in social proof. The patience required to watch a 45-second video will be used by marketers to the advantage of product sellers who understand that stories > data. The curiosity required to watch a short video will become more sufficient for a consumer to move the needle on their buying triggers than a spreadsheet with numbers.

When I say Education, I don’t mean higher education. I simply mean experience. And there is no better way for people who cannot afford true experience to have simulated experience than video.

As we move into the video age, the consumers will expect this paradigm shift. It seems like the new motto is, “Get on video, or get left behind.” What are you doing about it?


PandaText, launches March 19th – click here to promote it!

The One Holiday America Wishes It Had

Did you know?

Today, you should celebrate.

There is an international holiday happening today, but if you live in the United States, there’s a good chance that you have no idea. It’s because, like the metric system, it’s celebrated everywhere BUT here (and a few other places). The reason why it’s not celebrated here is unknown to me.

I choose to celebrate it, and so can you.

It’s called International Women’s Day.


International Women’s Day?

Yes, folks.

Sounds like a big deal, doesn’t it?

I think it is. And I think it’s the one celebration which is missing from the U.S. holiday landscape.

Sure, you can argue that we have plenty of stupid holidays unworthy of mainstream appreciation (such as Arbor Day, Flag Day and National Popcorn Day). But we still have those stupid holidays.

March 8th is different. THIS one isn’t stupid & unworthy. THIS one in particular should be a big deal, seeing as it has to do with an entire gender. But alas. It’s simply March 8th here in America.

In Russia, Women’s Day is a big deal. When I was a kid, the entire city of Moscow celebrated March 8th. Then, at the age of 10, my family moved to the United States, and since then, I haven’t heard a single mention of this holiday. Okay, maybe once. But that’s it. That’s weird to me. 

Women’s Day is NOT the same thing as Valentine’s Day. On Women’s Day, husbands bring their wives flowers, bosses take the women in the office out to lunch, children make shitty crayon cards for their moms and schoolteachers, and grown-up kids who are too old to live at home make sure they call their parents to let them know they haven’t been forgotten.

It seems like here in America, we do that on Thanksgiving.

Here in America, there’s a bigger focus on family in general, and a lesser focus on the Wife/Mother/Sister/Coworker/Teacher figure in our lives specifically. I wonder why that is. I think this holiday would make floral shop owners & Hallmark corporation really happy for a second time in <30 days since Valentine’s Day. Surely, Netflix stock prices would see a bump around this date if people were keen on celebrating the lives of the women in their lives, despite it not necessarily being a romantic “Netflix & Chill” type of situation.

The lack of the International Women’s Day in the American culture leads to a division between men and women, and creates an environment in which a romantic inclination must exist for one to celebrate a woman’s life.

Because we’re used to celebrating women in our lives on Valentine’s day, a two-fold expectation is created. First, women expect to be courted. Second, men expect to compete. March 8th is a holiday that side-steps these “lovey-dovey” expectations by allowing any person – man or woman – to celebrate another woman’s life.

So, how will I be celebrating?

Two decades ago, a shitty Crayon card and a hug for my teacher would’ve sufficed.

A decade ago, I would’ve gotten my mom & girlfriend flowers.

Today, to remind myself of the importance of a holiday that’s largely ignored by my culture, I’m writing this blog post for my lovely grandmother. My grandmother is a life-long English language teacher. She taught me composition skills at a young age, so I hope she enjoys reading “the fruits of her labor” (plus, I also hope I will get to re-read this blog post 10 years from now, and it will remind me of my mid-20s).

Later tonight, I’ll be spending quality time with my hard-working Mom; tonight, over dinner, I’ll be giving her a little present to tell her how special she is. THAT’S how you celebrate this holiday PROPER.

Side note: unlike Valentine’s Day in America and elsewhere – a day when the marketing machine tells us we should anticipate either full intimacy (winning), or total lack thereof (losing) – it’s not unusual for European women to plan on celebrating March 8th in the company of both men and women.

TL;DR: America is getting robbed of a sweet holiday due to historic faults that have probably been lost in translation over a century ago.